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As The Embedded Horror Librarian I have a plethora of horror genre films and fiction to recommend; classics, cult favorites, and recent additions. What I love best about the horror genre (besides zombies) is that it often overlaps with a number of other genres, including sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy, therefore my recommendations will span all four.

I did my best to keep the lists manageable.




Favorite Horror(ish) Films:

  • Alien (all-time favorite film)
  • The Thing (Carpenter's version)
  • The Exorcist
  • Halloween (again, Carpenter)
  • The Fly (Cronenberg)
  • Psycho (Hitchcock, who else!)
  • Jaws
  • Hellraiser
  • 28 Days Later
  • Night of the Living Dead
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (Craven)
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Hooper)
  • House on Haunted Hill (Vincent Price)
  • Pet Sematary
  • The Shining

Guilty Pleasure Horror(ish) Films:

  • Hatchet
  • Trick 'r Treat
  • House of the Devil
  • Friday the 13th (Part 1-7)
  • Zombieland
  • Hostel
  • The Evil Dead
  • Army of Darkness
  • The Relic
  • Predator
  • Child's Play
  • Candyman
  • Mimic
  • Midnight Meat Train
  • Ravenous

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Horror Fiction Links:

Book Recommendations:

Author Title Year of Publication
Clive Barker Cabal 2001
The Hellbound Heart 2007
William Peter Blatty The Exorcist 1971
Max Brooks World War Z 2006
Lincoln Child Terminal Freeze 2009
Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan The Strain 2009
The Fall 2011
The Night Eternal 2011
Thomas Harris Silence of the Lambs 1988
Shirley Jackson The Haunting of Hill House 1959
Jack Kilborn Afraid 2009
Stephen King Pet Sematary 1998
Jonathan Maberry Ghost Road Blues (highly recommended - my favorite horror series) 2006
Dead Man's Song (higly recommended) 2007
Bad Moon Rising (highly recommended) 2008
Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel 2009
The Dragon Factory 2010
The King of Plagues 2011
Dead of Night 2011
Richard Matheson I Am Legend 1954
Hell House 1971
Michael Palmer Fatal 2002
Douglas Preston The Codex 2004
Tyrannosaur Canyon 2005
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child Relic (1st book of the Pendergast series) 1995
Mount Dragon 1996
Reliquary 1997
Riptide 1998
Thunderhead 1999
The Ice Limit 2000
The Cabinet of Curiosities 2002
Still Life with Crows 2003
Brimestone 2004
Dance of Death 2005
The Book of the Dead 2006
The Wheel of Darkness 2007
Cemetery Dance 2009
Fever Dream 2010
Cold Vengeance 2011
Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi The Monster of Florence 2008
Joe Schreiber Star Wars: Death Troopers (Star Wars & Horror!) 2010
Star Wars: Red Harvest 2012
Mary Shelley Frankenstein 1818
Dan Simmons The Terror (highly recommended if you like historical fiction) 2007
Song of Kali 1985
D.A. Stern Shadows in the Asylum: The Case Files of Dr. Charles Marsh 2005
Robert Louis Stevenson The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1886
Bram Stoker Dracula 1897