social media policy

I. Purpose:
This social media policy governs my publication of and commentary on all forms of social media. For the purpose of this policy, social media means any facility for online publication and commentary and this policy should be applied to any online medium in which information may reflect back on my brand. This policy applies to all forms of social media including, but not limited to: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LibraryThing, Wordpress, and LinkedIn. These guidelines also apply to any comments I may leave on others' blogs or Facebook pages, edits to wikis, responses to tweets, or postings on message boards/forums.

II. Scope:
As I keep my professional and personal interactions separate, the following guidelines apply to my public professional online presence only.

I use social media to:

Engage: Social media sites such as Twitter have provided me the opportunity to actively interact with others in the library and information sciences profession, as well as provided the medium to communicate my interests, opinions, and thoughts on a number of diverse topics while reaching a growing audience. As I work to build social capital, I continue to actively engage on Twitter, Facebook, and my personal blog, Ramblings of The Embedded Horror Librarian, with other members of the online community.

Communicate. Social media allows all of us to become publishers of our own content, and it is in this publishing of our content that we open the door to communication and collaboration (Brian Solis). Social media has opened the door to lively conversations and new ideas, enhanced quality and greater connections, and a new understanding of the importance of information exchange in the library and information sciences field.

Collaborate: I utilize social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn to not only share valuable information but to contribute to the library and information sciences community through support and the facilitation of exchange of ideas. Collaboration in a physical environment can support or constrain information exchange and is bound by the physical location of the individuals, whereas collaboration in a social media space supports visual and auditory information exchange across cities, states, and even countries.

III. Updates/Maintenance:
I will update my website design quarterly and will maintain my social media accounts as necessary.

IV. Communication Mythology:
I endeavor to provide valuable content while participating in all forms of social media through a mix of informative and relevant messages and articles. While most of my interactions will be focused on the field of library and information science, I will at times provide posts or status updates of a more personal and humorous nature, particularly information on book and film reviews. I am mindful of the time constraints of those who may follow me or view my status updates and website and will work to ensure I am adding value to the conversation/collaboration.

I primarily follow and engage in conversations with people, institutions, and organizations that are involved/interested in:

I will in all probability not follow/friend you if your tweets/posts/updates are not primarily related to the topics listed above, you are overly self-promotional, or use highly sexualized language.

As social media happens in real time, I will do my best to maintain a constant stream of communication. If you send me a direct message or email, retweet one of my posts, or comment on my blog, I will respond accordingly.

V. Accessibility/Usability:
I strive to maintain my website as accessible as possible, and will regularly update code and metadata to provide heightened accessibility and usability for all web users.

Melissa Ormond brand
VI. My Brand:
As I represent only myself my brand can be identified via Melissa Ormond, my user name mis2mo2, my website tagline, The Embedded Horror Librarian, and my brand image as rendered herein. My brand is consistent across all social media platforms where I hold a public account.

VII. Active Outlets:
Social media outlets I am actively engaged on are:

*My Facebook account is personal and therefore private, and only visible to family, friends, coworkers, and fellow students at Drexel University. To access my Facebook account you will need to friend request me. If you do not fall into one of the previously mentioned categories I will more than likely not allow you access to my account.

VIII. Affiliations:
As an employee of the University of Chicago you may see me listed with an affiliation to this university by means of the University of Chicago Research Office; however my online presence represents my personal opinions and views only.
IX. Disclaimers:
I do not speak on behalf of, publish confidential information about, or express negative opinions regarding the University of Chicago.

I am not responsible for comments or opinions posted to my social media accounts by those other than myself. Comments deemed inappropriate will be immediately removed, and users will be blocked from further interactions.

X. Location:
This policy will be rendered on a subpage my personal website, and will be updated regularly.


This Social Media policy will be updated as necessary. Last updated: 18 November 2012.